Bell Schedule

Student Drop-Off begins at 7:30am

Breakfast will start being served at 7:35am

Bell Schedule

School begins at 8:15am and ends at 3:30pm

(Wednesday ends at 2:30pm)

All students will wait in the Dining Hall until a Staff Member takes them to their grade level hallway where they will wait until the teachers open their doors for them.


Walkers will be dismissed on two sides 441 side and the 436 side depending on the way the student walks home. 

The bus loading zone is for students and teachers only!

Car Riders:

1. Please be patient and wait until someone walks your child to your vehicle. You will be asked to pull up to the number station your student should be at.

2. Please do not get out of your vehicle or ask your child to walk towards you - this is dangerous.  This includes asking your student to cross the street to your vehicle. 

 3. Please display your car rider sign daily. This helps us to make sure your student is ready to go when you pull up to your number station.

4. Please follow traffic patterns and be cooperative. We want all students safe.

5. Please do not park in restricted areas.