Principal's Message

Melissa Sarasty Principal of Lovell Elementary School I am honored to serve the families and community of Lovell ES. At Lovell, all students have the opportunity for academic success where they will have an active role in their education. We encourage our students to think, imagine and ask questions. A curious mind is a learning mind and we want to create life-long learners of all of our students. 

Academic success is not the only goal we are striving for at Lovell ES. We want to work with families to ensure our students become productive members of the community. All staff members work to create a learning environment to help build social and emotional skills. Strong character education teaches students to make helpful choices and to take responsibility for the choices they make. Every experience is a learning opportunity and we have high expectations for our students every day.

Our teachers are dedicated to the success of our students. Teachers work with families to create a positive relationship that fosters open communication focused on the common goal of student success. Teachers work hard to create rigorous lessons that align with Florida Standards to ensure students receive a high-quality education. Together we can help our students be the best versions of their self. 

I look forward to the hope this year will bring, the relationships that will be created, and the joy for learning that will be fostered. I look forward to partnering with our community to provide enrichment opportunities for our students. I look forward to seeing our students grow academically, socially, and emotionally. 

Melissa Sarasty
Lovell Elementary School

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