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Melissa Sarasty Principal of Lovell Elementary School

We are excited for the 2023-24 school year. Our theme this   year is “Lovell Up, Game On.” We will focus on making   instruction interactive, challenging, and fun for our students.   Learning new things can be challenging, however we want   students to have the confidence and grit to take chances and   know we are here to guide them as they level up their   learning.  We are committed to our students’ success and we   are the “power up” that will help students reach that next level. 

   The safety of our students and staff is our number one priority. We take all precautions to ensure everyone in our building knows they are safe so the focus is on student learning. We take all threats to the school and to students seriously. How we treat each other matters. We are a school family and it is everyone’s responsibility to keep each other safe. We do this by using helpful words with each other, being proactive, and using self-regulation strategies. It is imperative that our school, staff, families, and our community work together in the united purpose of raising successful students who are productive members of society.

   I look forward to serving our students, staff, families, and our community this year.

Wildcats it’s time to Lovell Up, Game On!

Lovell Elementary School


Our March Message from Principal Sarasty,

We are in full swing with prepping all students to perform at their best for our final state assessments in May. Students become better readers the more they read and read to. No matter what grade level, this is a valuable use of time. Please encourage and read with your child every night. Below are the areas for each grade level with math. It takes us working together to give our students the best opportunity for success. Let’s Lovell Up, Wildcats! Game On!

Math to KnowMath to Know


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