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Melissa Sarasty Principal of Lovell Elementary School

We are excited about the 2022-23 school year. Our staff and students’ hard work paid off as we raised our school grade to a strong C. They showed us that we can do hard things! It is a privilege to serve a community that cares deeply about the success of all of our students.

As we enter this school year our theme is, “The Recipe for Success Starts With Me.” For Lovell ES to continue to be successful it will take all of us working together to support our students. Our students also have an active role in our success. The effort and attitude we bring every day matters. We have to be willing to try hard things and understand that sometimes failure is part of the learning process. We are committed to bringing our students high-quality lessons that will challenge them to think critically and effectively communicate their ideas. Students are actively involved in their learning.

We want to continue to grow our relationship with the community. Lovell ES is a resource for our students and our families. It is through the connection between staff, students, families, and community that Lovell Elementary will continue to thrive. We are a school family that celebrates our individual and collective strengths by uniting and accepting each other for our uniqueness. We are the Wildcats, hear us ROAR!

Melissa Sarasty
Lovell Elementary School
Our December Newsletter message from Principal Sarasty,

It’s that time of year again. Time to appreciate the most important gift of all – each other! I know this time of year can be a very bust and stressful time. Let’s not let things steal the joy from the holiday. We have many exciting and fun events planned to celebrate this time as a school family. We hope you choose to have your child join in on the fun. 

Students will be taking their mid-year assessments. This is to measure the growth from the beginning of the year to mid-Year. We make instructional decisions about needed support based on the results of these assessments along with other data. Help us to ensure we support your child the best we can by talking with them about putting forth their best effort and attitude on assessment days. Our students can do great things!

I wish everyone blessings and joy this holiday season.


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