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Melissa Sarasty Principal of Lovell Elementary School

We are excited about the 2022-23 school year. Our staff and students’ hard work paid off as we raised our school grade to a strong C. They showed us that we can do hard things! It is a privilege to serve a community that cares deeply about the success of all of our students.

As we enter this school year our theme is, “The Recipe for Success Starts With Me.” For Lovell ES to continue to be successful it will take all of us working together to support our students. Our students also have an active role in our success. The effort and attitude we bring every day matters. We have to be willing to try hard things and understand that sometimes failure is part of the learning process. We are committed to bringing our students high-quality lessons that will challenge them to think critically and effectively communicate their ideas. Students are actively involved in their learning.

We want to continue to grow our relationship with the community. Lovell ES is a resource for our students and our families. It is through the connection between staff, students, families, and community that Lovell Elementary will continue to thrive. We are a school family that celebrates our individual and collective strengths by uniting and accepting each other for our uniqueness. We are the Wildcats, hear us ROAR!

Melissa Sarasty
Lovell Elementary School
Our September Newsletter message from Principal Sarasty,
We are in full swing and getting all our routines and
procedures in place. We look forward to seeing our
families for Open House on Tuesday, September 13.
(5:30-7:00) This is a great time for your student to show
you the work they are doing in class. You can talk with
the teacher and make sure we are all on the same page.
We learned a lot from our first round of assessments.
The FAST (Florida Assessment of Student Thinking)
replaced FSA. The FAST is given three times a year for
Reading and Math in grades kindergarten through fifth
grade. The assessments in August and December are
progress monitoring assessments with the final
assessment in May being summative.
Be on the lookout for progress reports on September 15.
I am looking forward to celebrating HELLO Week
September 19-23.
• Monday, September 19- Start with Hello- Wear
• Tuesday, September 20- Dream of Friendship-
Wear your pajamas
• Wednesday, September 21- Start Talking! -
Wear your favorite shirt or something that
represents who you are
• Thursday, September 22- Notice Others! - Wear
bright or neon clothes
• Friday, September 23- Stay Connected! - Wear
school colors


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