Love Pantry 2023-2024

Love Pantry 2023 - 2024
Posted on 09/13/2022
Love Pantry 2022-2023Lovell Elementary has a partnership with different community-based agencies to help with a number of things. There is assistance available to all of our families. We invite you to take advantage of this great opportunity. There is food and hygiene products available for those that would like to take advantage of it. The items are distributed on a weekly basis. There are a few details that will be needed to prepare the items to be sent home to include number of children in the household, number of adults in home, will (you the parent) pick up the items each week or will children need to bring items home (may be too heavy for children if they are a walker). Distributions will be completed on Fridays at the end of the school day. Should you need additional assistance or resources please contact Lovell Elementary and request to speak to Mrs. L. Davis, school counselor