Instructional Model Survey - 2nd 9 weeks 2020/2021

Hello Lovell Families!
You should have received a message yesterday from the district prompting you to call the school to select your student’s 2nd 9 weeks instructional model (LaunchED vs Face to Face). We have created a quick survey for you to submit your request so that you do not have to call unless you have questions. The deadline to make your selection is Friday, September 18th. 

Please remember that this is for the 2nd nine weeks only. (October 13-December 28th). This will not change your model for the 1st 9 weeks (August 10th-October 9th). 

You only have to complete this form if you are wanting to switch the instructional model for the 2nd nine weeks. (Ex. My child is currently doing LaunchED and I want them to switch to Face to Face learning for the 2nd 9 weeks or my child is currently Face to Face and I want them to switch to LaunchED learning for the 2nd 9 weeks).
The link to the survey can be found in the email that comes with this message, Class Dojo or the school website. If you have questions, please call the office. Have a good day.
The link for the survey is:
Click here for link to survey