Drama Club

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    Drama Club


    Lovell Elementary Cafeteria


    Every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-5:30 pm




    Who doesn’t like to act and sing with a little Drama?


    Acting and Singing


    Please see Mr. Willard

    If you are interested in joining Lovell Elementary Drama Club, please complete the following information and return this form to Mr. Willard.

    Drama Club Permission Slip – 2019-20

    Name: ________________________

    Grade: _____

    Homeroom Teacher: ____________________

    How will you be going home MOST of the time?       CAR               BIKE/WALK                ASP

    Place a check mark for each item below:

    __ I read the Drama Club Information Flyer and I understand the expectations of being a Drama Club member.

    __ I will be a good example of a kind, respectful representative of my school and promise to behave in a way that will make my family, teachers, and friends proud. If I don’t behave, I will be removed from the club.

    __ I looked at the Club Dates page with my parents and we marked these days on our calendars/planners.

    __ I understand that Drama Club is like a sports team. I must come to the rehearsals in order to be a part of the show.

    __ I understand that if I miss 4 rehearsals in one month, my role WILL be given to someone else and I will be out of the club.

    __ I understand that I will be asked to take on a role in the show that I may not be prepared for. I will do the best I can to fulfill my duties in that role, regardless of what it is.

    __ My parents agree to pick me up AT 5:30, not before or after.


    Student Signature: ___________________________________


    Parent Signature: ____________________________________


    Parent Phone: _______________________________________