Joni Brown - LifeChanger of the Year

Joni Brown - LifeChanger of the Year
Posted on 02/07/2018

Joni Brown

Position: School Secretary & Bookkeeper
School: Lovell Elementary School
School District: Orange County Public Schools
City, State: Apopka, FL

Joni Brown was nominated by her principal, Oscar Aguirre.

Ms. Brown has dedicated her life to the students, teachers, and families of Lovell Elementary School for 34 years. During that time, she has mentored countless students and staff members, supporting them so they can learn and achieve. She has built relationships with community businesses who provide resources, time, and talents to the staff, the students, and their families.

"Ms. Brown is the backbone of the school. She helps ensure the infrastructure of our school runs seamlessly," Aguirre said. "Staff and parents know they can come to her for help and support, and she will work to find a way to solve problems. They trust that she will handle all issues with the utmost discretion and professionalism. Ms. Brown is the heart and soul of Lovell Elementary School!"